...there faster (your tricks)... and more safely... in Pole and Aerial Fitness!

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Have you ever wondered how all these pole and aerial fitness athletes are able to magically get into gravity defying poses.. and stay there. It is like they are able to walk on air.. muscles rippling as they climb into the perfect positon effortlessly and they seem to nail the move or trick EVERY TIME???

How is this even possible? Every time you try to hang on for just a "simple spin" or to climb, every part of your body begins to perspire, or worse your skin has zero moisture and your shins are a barren desert.. no matter what you do, you end up sliding and scrambling.. you just can't hang on.. Your instructor tells you that you will get there eventually as you develop the muscles to maintain your points of contact. But, it appears like everyone else doesn't seem to have any problems what-so-ever?

WHAT are these people doing that you aren't? You love your pole/aerial class, but this is the last straw. If you don't get a grip soon, there is no way you can continue.. its too.. I'll just say it. Defeating.. Ug.

What is the SECRET to a great grip??

Well, what if that isn't actually case, these people aren't ALL completely magic? What if, I told you almost everyone experiences grip issues in pole and aerial arts at one point or another. And, that it isn't you. It's the environment, the humidity, what your apparatus is made of, if you shaved your legs, if you didn't shave you legs, do you have oily skin, dry skin.. you get the idea. It seems laughable how many factors can impact your ability to hang on to the damn equipment?!! How do they do that?? Surprise! Many use Grip Aids!

Hi, my name is Dr. Misty! That's me in those pictures up there. I have been a pole and aerial fitness instructor since 2014. I even opened a pole and aerial fitness studio in 2016 with my business partner. I've personally taught hundreds of clients at all levels in their journey, and the #1 thing I get asked is, "How can you hang on well enough to DO that??"

If you're like 85% of pole and aerial fitness enthusiasts, you probably have experienced grip issues before. It's super frustrating because you know if you could just hang on, you could do the thing. You could climb. You could hold your trick. You would feel safer. You would have more confidence.

But, right now you just kinda want to quit...

Well, I'm here to change all that! I want to give you some tools to help you on your pole and aerial journey and show you that you can do this!

You don't need to be a pole or aerial fitness pro or have magic skin, because I've created a grip aid just for you! How you ask?! Because I'm also a research chemist! :D I have a bachelors degree in Chemistry with a Biochem option and spent 5 years in a reseach facility long before I ever even thought about climbing a pole, aerial fabric, or into a lyra (aerial hoop).

I call them, PoleMoCo GRIP-AIDS !

And it was created to help with pole climbs and other points of contact where you need just a little bit of extra stick to get you where you want to go.

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About PoleMoCo

PoleMoCo is a pole and aerial arts fitness brand specializing in unique products and services to help you get there faster, by building the strength and confidence you need to be successful in these challenging fitness forms. PoleMoCo products and services are designed by pole and aerial arts athletes for pole and aerial arts athletes!

How much value do you place on being able to perform your favorite tricks with the security of a solid grip?

How PoleMoCo GRIP AIDS work for you..

Chemical X is a tacky grip aid designed to help with shin grip for pole, hand grip for aerial fabric and lyra, or anywhere you just need an extra little bit of stick.

Chemical Y.. is a drying grip aid designed to help with hand grip for pole, aerial fabric and lyra, or anywhere you just need an little bit of drying grip. Comparable to the product "Dry Hands"!

Chemical Z.. is a drying grip aid with a little bit of stick designed to help with hand grip for pole, aerial fabric and lyra, or anywhere you just need an little bit of tacky drying grip. Comparable to the product "Dry Hands", but with stick!

A little goes a long way... Start by applying only 1-2 sprays/drops externally directly at close range on the point of contact. BUILDABLE. More can be added as desired.

Works instantly! No warm up time (although you should always warm up your body prior to any physical activity).

Does not need time come up to body temperature to work.

Ease of application..

For Chemical X, just point and spray. The spritz head puts the grip aid right where you need, when you need it.

Just PRESS Chemical X in. Does not need to be rubbed in with hands. Press the legs together to distribute the product. For hands, pat palms together gently until mixture becomes sticky.

Chemical Y & Chemical Z, apply 1 - 3 drops to the palms of clean hands, rub hands together and it is ready to go!

Reactivating! Can be reactivated by spritzing with rubbing alcohol, rarely a need to apply more product.

Easy clean up. Washes off with soap and water.

Helpful directions for use.

To help with pole climbs apply one spray to each of the following areas nearer to the insides of both legs: mid-shin, beside knee, and just above the knee on the inner thigh 1-2 inches from the skin surface.

Gentle yet effective... formulated to help you grip, but doesn't feel like your skin will peel off when you use it.

Made with Natural Products.. grown and harvested in the USA.

SAMPLE PACKS NOW AVAILABLE! Want to try all the products with a small $ investment? Try them all for only $20!

And more..

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Getting a better grip will help you...

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Build Confidence

Having a good grip can help you perform the skills you love with confidence. Grip aids are not a replacement for skilled instructon with an experienced teacher and are meant to enhance your pole and aerial practice.

($ Priceless)

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Improve Safety

Using a grip aid is not a replacement for a good warm up and the need for using other safety equipment (like mats and a proper spotter). A grip aid does not in itself prevent slips and falls, but it can help give you some security when practicing your favorite skills and tricks!

($ Priceless)

My "Good Grip" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with Pole Monster Grip Aids! In fact, you will feel more confident and secure in your grip or I'll send back every penny you paid.

Legal Disclaimer: The PoleMoCo brand of Grip Aids is owned By Pole Monster, LLC. Pole Monster, LLC assumes no liability from injury or damage caused by use of the PoleMoCo Grip Aids, and expressly disclaims liability to person or property from use of the grip aids. Any person using the grip aids does so at his or her own risk. Failure to use the grip aids as directed may result in unintended results and increase the risk of injury. The use of grip aids is often associated with intense athletic activity. As with any athletic activity, there is always a risk of injury. Please consult your health or medical professional prior to starting any training with the PoleMoCo Grip Aids to determine if you are healthy enough to begin the training.

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